I do not sell my designs.  They are not to be duplicated or reproduced with out my express written consent.  I have copyrights on the majority of my designs and I will not tolerate those who copy my designs, even if it is for personal use.

I also would like to thank all my customers who purchase my products and support my shop! Additionally, I would like to thank those customers who let me know when they find my designs elsewhere!

Note: The list below is not all inclusive and I am working on getting my other designs copyrighted.

Please see the Visual Art copyright information below:

Title: The Main (Street) Attraction

Registration Number:  VA 2-102-102

Title:  Looking for Adventure(land)

Registration Number:  VA 2-102-034

Title: Life on the Frontier(land)

Registration Number : VA 2-102-036

Title: Give Me Liberty (Square)

Registration Number: VA 2-102-038

Title:  Living in a Fantasy (land)

Registration Number:   VA 2-104-600 

Title: Longing for Tomorrow(land)

Registration Number : VA 2-102-488

Title: True Love

Registration Number: VA 2-102-039

Title: Happily Haunted

Registration Number: VA 2-061-500

Title: Happily Headless

Registration Number : VA 2-102-490

Title: Every Week is Shark Week

Registration Number : VA 2-102-489

Title: The Future is Here

Registration Number : VA 2-104-606

Title: I Want to See the World

Registration Number : VA 2-104-603