Disney Bling for your UGG’s at Disney Springs

I have found a way to get adorable Disney UGG’s without the steep price tag.  How, you ask?  Let me tell you.  You can have an exclusive Disney Swarovski  design put on any new pair of UGGs at the UGG store in Disney Springs.  Even a pair you bring in, but they must be new in the box.


As a friend and I were in the UGG store at Disney Springs we talked with one of the sales associates.  We told her how much we loved the Disney official UGGs but there was no way we could pay the $450 price for them.  We were just going to admire them.  Then we started to notice other styles with some sparkly Disney designs and when we asked her about those that was when she told us what was a revelation for us.  We can get any of the designs from their design book put on any pair of UGGs we bought!  What?!  Shut the front door.  It would take about 15-20 minutes depending on how busy they were and boom we would have our own pair of Disney UGGs.

Now your UGGs will not have the official Disney tag on the back, but that was not the part I loved about the boots.  I love the designs.  Once I knew that I could bring in a new pair I started to look for some new UGGs on sale.  I was able to find a great deal on a cute new pair of boots that would be perfect to add some Disney sparkle too.  They are short, black and have a cute bow on the back.  The hardest part was to wait till our next trip to Disney.

With boots in hand I went to the UGG store at Disney Springs and picked out my design.  I opted for a simple silver Mickey head to go on the front of the boot.  The sales associate was super helpful and made sure that Mickey was placed front and center and in the same place on both boots.  They have a lot of designs to choose from.  There is Cinderella’s castle and her carriage.  They have different Mickey Head designs and a Mickey and Minnie silhouette.  And of course Minnie Mouse’s bow.

IMG_2673 5.JPG

The process was remarkably easy and quick.  The longest part was waiting for the heat press to heat up to the right temperature.  Once the press was hot the sales associate placed a teflon heating sheet over the design and held it up to the press.  She explained that they do it that way because if they pressed down it causes a crease in the boot.  After about 15 seconds she moved to the other boot and repeated the process.  Then she repeated the whole heating up again on both boots for another 15 seconds each.  After the second heating she let the decal cool down and then peeled off the plastic backing slowly while checking that all the crystals had adhered to the boots.  Putting the teflon sheet back over the design she placed them against the press once more to complete the process.  She then brushed the boots and they were done.  I had my own pair of Mickey Mouse UGGs.

IMG_2680 3.JPG

The sales associate did mention that there are 30 UGG stores that add crystals to UGGs.  She mentioned that there were stores in Las Vegas and New York.  While the Disney designs are exclusive to Disney Springs, the other stores also have  exclusive designs based on their location.  For example Las Vegas has casino themed decals.

Over all it was about 15 minutes and $15 per decal.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely!  I love the way they look and can’t wait to wear them.  My only wish is that it got a little colder in Florida so I could justify buying more pairs of UGGs.

IMG_2689 3.JPG
Julie McWilliams