My Top 5 Disney Accessories

Hey friends! Welcome to our new website!  It's been a project that we've been working on for a little while now, and finally having it live makes us all giddy.  We are so happy you're here, and we hope you love our new space on the internet as much as we do!  While our shop will be open for only a few times each month, we will be constantly updating our lookbook with outfit ideas on how to style your It's a Magical Adventure tees, and we'll also be blogging twice weekly about our own magical adventures at Disney World!  This little corner of our website will be filled with Disney DIYs, recipes that we're testing out, keeping the Disney magic alive at home while we aren't at the Parks, and things that we love.  We hope you enjoy our blog and getting to know us, the faces behind the It's a Magical Adventure brand! 

Speaking of things that we love, today I'm sharing my five favorite accessories for the Parks!  I visit the parks enough to know what accessories work for me, and which to ditch.  I don't enjoy wearing a lot of things, so I try to keep my accessories as simple as possible.  There's nothing worse than being overloaded with accessories when it's hot, especially in the brutal Florida heat!

The first item that is a must have is a cute bracelet.  I have a Pandora bracelet that I love adding to with each park visit!  I got mine with a friend and we add to it when we do something together, and it's such a fun tradition for us.  I'm also a fan of custom cuffs from D. Crew Designs.  There are so many choices from rides and quotes.  If you can't find one to show your Disney side then Ashton can create a custom one for you!  I have several and love them all.  Be careful though, these D. Crew bracelets can be incredibly addicting!

My next must have is my magic band2 clip.  I don't always want to wear a Magic Band, so I got a clip that is in the shape of Minnie Mouse.  Now that you can swap out the pucks it was easy to add one of my pucks to it for a customized look.  It is very easy to use and keeps my wrist free for my bracelets and watch.  Another perk of not wearing a Magic Band?  No Magic Band tan!  It's a win-win!

I always have pins with me now for trading.  I love pin trading with cast members!  They are a fun item to add to my park bag as well, and with so many available it is easy to show your favorite characters.  Opening Mystery Packs is one of our favorite things to do with the boys! 

IAMA blog post 5 accessories-0756.jpg

Ears or a hat are a must.  In the winter I will rock a pair of cute ears from some of my favorite small shops like Viva La Mouse.  They fit better and I don't get a headache 5 minutes after putting them on.  Now during the summer I prefer to wear a ball cap to help keep the harsh summer sun off my face.  I have found some cute hats with simple Disney inspired designs in small shops as well. 

And last, my favorite accessory is my Minnie Mouse watch cover from I'm a Little Something.  It was a gift from a close friend and it is one of my favorites to wear!  It sparkles and adds a cuteness to my Apple Watch and wrist.  I always get complements on my Minnie Cover!  

What are some of your favorite accessories to wear in the Parks?  Do you have a few favorite small shops?   


Here is a list of some more of my favorite small shops: 

Soulfully Cali

Mouse on Main Street

So1923 Apparel

Parlor of Pretties


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